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lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Call for Papers: Archives of Medicine

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Call for Papers: Archives of Medicine

Index Copernicus Value 2011: 5.09

Dear Dr / Prof.
I write to you in my role as Editor of  “Archives of Medicine” 

Archivesof Medicine (ISSN: 19895216) is a hybrid journal publishing articles on all aspects of medical scienceand clinical practice, with the aim of providing a platform for relevantresearch in medical education. The journal not only publishes original research and review articles, but high-quality case reports, and short reports. By publishing such advances and opinion pieces by medical experts in their field, readers areexposed to good quality, trusted information not just in their field ofinterest. The objectivity, credibility, and quality of our contents isguaranteed by the wide representation and independence of our editorialboard which is composed by clinicians, researchers and physicians coveringthe main topics in medicine.    
I would like to invite you and/or your colleagues to submit an Original Research Article, Review, Short Report, Commentary or Case Report to be considered by peer-review for publication.

The published version of your article will be immediately placed in freely accessible full-text repositories. This complies with the NIH Public Access Policy and the Wellcome Trust Open Access Policy.

There are a number of benefits of submitting your research to the journal:

Rapid peer review and publication
The journal offers fast, thorough peer review and rapid publication, aiming to return a first decision within six weeks. We also publish all articles immediately upon acceptance, a service offered by few other publishers. On the day of acceptance articles will receive their final citation details. The accepted version of the manuscript will be replaced with a fully formatted PDF and XML version shortly thereafter.

Hybrid model
Authors have the option to choose the model for publishing their articles: under subscription (article processing charges: 100€) or open access (article processing charges: 300€). Articles published open access are immediately available online, for all to read, use and distribute without charge. Open access raises the visibility of your research, and a number of independent studies have found that research articles published in open access journals are twice as likely to be cited than those published in traditional, subscription journals.

High visibility among researchers in the field
Publishing in Archives of Medicine ensures high visibility for your work; Top-quality articles are accessed thousands of times over the course of a month across from the journal website

We look forward to receiving your next manuscript.
To enable the journal to make all of its content open access, Archives of Medicine levies an article-processing charge for each manuscript accepted after peer review (payable on acceptance). iMedPub offers various discounts on the article-processing charge, and if the submitting author's organization is a iMedPub Journals Member, the cost of the article processing charge is covered in full or in part by the membership.

Archives of Medicine is now accepting submissions. Submit your manuscript via our online submission system. For more information about the journal, contact

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, 
The Headhunter

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